Thursday, May 8, 2008

Portugal's Alentejano Region Wines

If you are like me and trying to take advantage of the health benefits of wine, you try to drink at least a glass a wine a day, typically with dinner. Once you incorporate VINO into your daily routine, you'll find the quandary that you will face is how to pick “decent” quality wines that are also cost affordable. I've found that the wines of Portugal offer a very acceptable solution to this dilemma. Recently I purchased a little gem by the name of Monte Velho from the Alentejano region (located in eastern Portugal south of Tejo), 2006 vintage. The winery is Herdade Do Esporao. This delightful Red is a blend of 3 grapes indigenous to Portugal: Periquita, Trincadeira & Bastardo grapes. The wine has an interesting bouquet of Blackberry/Back Cherry and strikes a nice balance between fruit and the dryness that I love. This is a bit of a high alcohol content at first, which I have found can be easily weakened with 4 hours of decanting. The suggested retail cost is $7.99, however I picked it up on sale for $4.50 at Bottle King. An unbelievable bargain if you ask this humble consumer. I would strongly suggest you continue to expand your pallets in a way that won't break your wallets and the best way is to look for less popular and less known grape varieties and regions. Portugal is a shining example of one these areas that can provide quality wines despite a ridiculously inflated EURO to Dollar ratio.

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Jon-Paul said...

Hey Ant, great post! It sure sounds like your find is worth trying!

I completely agree with balancing trying new things with affordability. Though at this point I'm not a wine drinker on a daily basis, I am of the mindset now that there is more to the wine universe than what I've accepted up to now.