Sunday, July 6, 2008

NJ Wine Trail Weekend July 12th & 13th

Did you know that we have 34 wineries in the little ole state of New Jersey? Surprising huh? It certainly was to me. The idea of wineries so closes to my home is intriguing to say the least, so when I saw an add for "Wine Trail Weekends" I had to look a little further. It seems all the local wineries collaborate under the umbrella of the Garden State Wine Growers Association and agree to hold 3 weekends a year where there are free open tours of their vineyards. They take place in February, July and November. The following link gives you more information:

I'm definitely going to take advantage of this up coming weekend and take a walk through one if not more of our local vineyards. Anyone interested in coming along? Please let me know. I can't say it will be like visiting Napa or Sonoma, but I sure we'll have a good time. Joe F and I certain had fun at the wine festival in May. Just need to decide whether to hit the 4 vineyards in Warren county or the 3 in Sussex. Hope you will consider joining me.


Jon-Paul said...

Anthony, this is a really neat idea! Before I go making plans, let me make sure I'm not forgetting anything already going on. It makes sense to try the four in Warren first, since that's pretty close to where you live. I think I'd also during the summer try the two open ones in Sussex, and use that as daytrip while staying over in PA.

Dawson said...

Im in. I say we hit the Warren County wineries.

Dawson said...

Also, there is a Wine and Jazz Festival, August 30/31 at Allaire St Park in Farmingdale and another Wine Festival in October in Milford...A good prelude to Octoberfest!!!!

Thsi also brings the all NJ Winery tasting!