Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wine Library Party 2008

Had a great time at the Wine Library yesterday. Very cool to meet Gary. In attendance were JP, Daws, Vin and myself. We tasted a $1200 bottle of wine: 1982 Chateau Calon Segur, Bordeaux.

We also tasted an excellent Chardonnay from Argentina that Daws, JP and myself ended up purchasing :2005 Catena Alta Chardonnay .

Also, tasted some excellent cheeses, duckbreast, dried friut, etc.

I think JP and Daws will actually become fans of Winelibrary TV

Hopefully more of the group can attend the next.

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Anonymous said...

Im must concur w/ Anthony. Tasted some excellent wines..particularly the Chardonnay ( which I'm typically not a fan of)