Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Book Signing at Costco in Edison, June 11, 2008

I had a chance today to visit Gary Vaynerchuk at his book signing at the Costco in Edison tonight. Despite the horrible drive during the heart of rush hour, I figured my first time attending a book-signing would be worth it. He was gracious enough to sign two books for me--mine as well as one for Anthony, who was not able to make it (I figured he'd have little problem swapping one of his paperbacks for a personalized, autographed copy).

After talking for a few minutes about his recent travels and plans for the summer, I did also manage to get a family member of his to take a picture of us:

He does plan on another affair at the Wine Library this summer, similar to last time in format, and will be making us aware of it in upcoming episodes of WineLibrary. He also plans to add a calendar of his whereabouts throughout the summer on the website.

A mix-up in the hours posted could mean a longer night than Gary had planned. Originally scheduled from 7pm-9pm, the hours of the signing had been changed to 5pm-7pm (I got my e-mail alert from, but I suppose MANY others did not get that memo, as I did not wait very long on line to chat with him. Amusing was a remark he had made--I was talking with another guy on line to Gary about the likely mix-up, who then added by mentioning to Gary that there could be a post-7pm rush to meet him. Realizing this, he replied, "Oh, shit".

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Anthony F. LaVista said...

Great Pic JP! Sounds like the change in time worked to your advantage. Thanks so much for getting a book signed for me. It is certainly appreciated. We need to get the whole group to go to the next winelibrary event and get a group photo with gary. Now that would be very cool.