Saturday, June 28, 2008

June 21 visit at the Bloom home--Dinner and Mini-Wine Tasting

Last week (Friday the 20th to be exact), Dawson invited Anthony, Joe, and me over for some dinner and wine (though Joe didn't quite make it). He had quite a spread of cheeses, olives, and meats (plus pizza for dinner). Participating in the tasting portion of the visit were four seemingly unrelated wines:

1. 2007 Graff-Reisling Kabinett from Warms, Germany--price $9.98
2. 2007 LeParadou-Viognier from Provence, France--price $10.98
3. 2006 La Petite Tour-Sauvignon Blanc from California--price $9.98
4. 2007 Cerejeira-Estremadura from Portugal--price $5.98

(these may not have been what we all actually paid; these are just prices I found for them on the internet)

Below are the responses to each of the wines, from worst to best (average score from all three testers, using our traditional 1-5 scale):

1. The La Petite Tour-Sauvignon Blanc--the laggard of the group, not terrible, but not remarkable, either--average score: 2.67.
2. The Le Paradou-Viognier--all three thought the wine was solid--average score: 3.0.
3. The Graff-Reisling Kabinett--Dawson's favorite of the bunch, very tasty to JP as well--average score: 3.5.
4. Cerejeira-Estramadura--the only red wine represented in the tasting, but the best of the bunch--smooth, not overly fruity, nicely balanced--average score: 4.0.

No doubt we'll see many more mini-tastings like this during the rest of this summer!


Anthony F. LaVista said...

JP. Nice recap. Thanks for keeping score.

Jon-Paul said...

No problem, Ant. I go back to what we talked about previously--besides this being a forum for us to talk about our new experiences with new wines, it doubles as a good way to jog our memories on what we liked and what we didn't.