Sunday, August 24, 2008

August 23rd Tasting Results

We had a hell of time this past saturday tasting 7 wines, 2 whites and 5 reds while dining on various cheeses, London Broil and Tortellini. The wines we tasted and rated were:

Mercouri Estate Red, 2004, Greece
Kellerei Gries LaGrein Griese, 2005, Italy
Warwick Pinotage, 2005 Pinotage, South Africa
Forstreiter Gruner veltiner Schiefer, 2006, Austria
Karauserhof Decimo, 2005, Austria
Crios, Torrentes, 2007, Argentina
Nebbiolo, Il Vecchio, 2003, Paso Robles California

Okay, to start, here are a few pics of the event:

All the participants:

The Losers!
Kellerei Gries LaGrein Griese, 2005 Italy & Mercouri Estate Red, 2004, Greece.

And, your WINNER!:

Martin & Weyrich, Nebbiolo Il Vecchio, 2003, Paso Robles, California

The average rating scores were as follows on a 1 to 5 scale:

#1 Nebbiolo Avg. Score: 4.125
#2 Torrentes--Avg. Score: 3.125
#3 Decimo--Avg. Score: 3.0
#4 Lagrein--Avg. Score: 2.375
#5 Pinotage--Avg. Score: 2.375
#6 Gruner veltner-- Avg. Score: 2.25
#7 Mecouri--Avg. Score: 1.375

****Special Thanks to Paul Santinelli for picking and Contibruting the winning wine. Way to go Paul!


Jon-Paul said...

That was a terrific post, Ant, and a great recap of the night's events! It was a great time!

Paul Santinelli said...

2003 Nebbiolo Vecchio Reserve
The first barrel-aged Nebbiolo in the U.S. Our Nebbiolo Vecchio is aged in predominantly French oak barrels for more than 24 months. Offering cedar, cherry, leather, spice and tobacco nuances. Limited to less than 500 cases.

Only the best for my hometown, boys. BTW... where is Vince in the picture? Is he sleeping under the table again? I thought we were past that...

Anthony F. LaVista said...

Vince couldn't make it. I think he was breast feeding or something.