Saturday, August 16, 2008

Casa Garcia Vinho Verde - Steal of the Summer

I know we"ve discussed this wine previously, but as I sit here on a gorgeous August afternoon quaffing a bottle of newly purchased Vinho Verde, I cant stop thinking what a steal this gem of a Portugese White this wine is. I purchased this at Bottle King for a mere $4.99.

Vinho Verde is generally dry with strong citrus and herb notes. Its not the most complex wine I"ve ever had, but its the perfect wine for a lazy weekend afternoon. It certainly does not represent itself as a "cheap" wine. This is one White I think Anthony would probably enjoy.


Jon-Paul said...

Dawson, I completely agree with you on it's non-complex but very flavorful characteristics! I suspect Anthony would tolerate it, maybe even mildly enjoy it, but not to the degree you or I might. Of course, the pricetag makes it incredibly appealing.

One thing I noticed on the label is the specific instruction of serving it chilled. I had it chilled, but know that this could take away some of the ability to taste all the flavors. Did you try it chilled or just at room temperature?

Dawson said...

Chilled...can be a bit harsh unchilled at $4.99