Monday, June 1, 2009

Wine Making Part III

It was a warm Friday evening in May when New Jersey's premier wine makers converged on "A Little Taste of Purple" at 68 Clinton Road in Fairfield to bottle the American Bordeaux and Old Vine Zin that have been aging in Oak for seven months. Mike, Anthony, Hany, Pete, Al and Steve were all in attendance for the festivities. The process was simple but labor intensive. First we washed the bottles. Then the wine was placed in steel drums which was linked to the bottling machine. One man filled the bottles (6 at a time) , then passed it on to the next who was at the manual corker. Next the bottle was passed to have the foil melted over the cork. Finally our own custom labels were placed on each bottle. There was only one hitch, a small one with the Old Vine Zin which will lead to Wine Making Part IV in two weeks. More to come so stay tuned.
Bottle Washing

Filling Machine


Melting the Foil

The Gang at Work

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Jon-Paul said...

Hey Ant, those are some great pictures! What type of label did you guys go with? Curious..